Our 40-Year Reunion Sponsors: 
Be a Class of '78 Blue & Gray Newport Pride Benefactor! (various sponsorship opportunities coming soon)  Even though our ticket price is $100 this year, our ticket sales proceeds won't cover the full cost of the many event expenses that a standard Newport Beach soirée entails. We are trying to be thrifty, but we still need help from our most benevolent classmates. Please consider being one of our 40-year Reunion Sponsors!

A huge Thank You to our 30-Year Tars & Stars Reunion Sponsors!:

All of our 30-year Class of '78
Tars and Stars Reunion
Billy Dutton $1,000
David Adler $500
Katrin Hecht Bandhauer $500
Bill Beamish $500
Jeff Bitetti - TK Burgers for Sunday Picnic
David Clark $500
Jed Dempsey

Jayne Draganza $500
Leslie Feducia $500
Katherine Kendrick $500
Bruce Louvier $500
Craig Lyons $500
Rob Phillips $500
Jim Robins $500
Kimberly Fox Sorenson $500

Michael Ashen $200

Thank You!!!


Bill Dutton - music.com


Click Here to visit WWW.ROBINSFORD.COM
Owned and operated by classmate Jim Robins!

Lyons Investment Properties, LLC
Craig Lyons


DLA Instruments
David L. Adler, Head Man 
6060 Guadalupe Mines Ct.
San Jose, California 95120
(480) 230-7164

Operations Manager Bob Black and the Catalina Flyer
Operations Manager Bob Black and the Catalina Flyer
The operators of Catalina Passenger Service and the Catalina Flyer have generously contributed to our event eight (8) round-trip certificates on the Catalina Flyer to Avalon!  Thank you Bob and crew!!! (Bob is a '68 NHHS grad!)    
Click on the Catalina Flyer photo to visit their website!

Mike Hogan sold his kayak business, but CLICK ON HIS KAYAK for a video tour we made back in 2008 with Mike and some of our NHHS classmates!