The NHHS Class of 1978
The NHHS Class of 1978 the 40-Year Reunion on July 30, 2018... (see current list below)

If you are one of the first 100 people to purchase your reunion ticket(s), your name(s) will will be entered in the "Reunion Refund Raffle" and you will have a chance to receive a full return of your ticket purchase expense
Only the first 100 ticket purchasers will have a chance to win!

Vartan says he's coming...and brining his ID!
          (We will have official ID cards 
               for all ticket holders).
Other guests will include:

Guest RSVP'd Purchased Tickets
David Adler
Jeffrey Ashton
Susan Ashton
Bill Beamish
Lisa Beckley (Beamish)
Tami Briery (Dwyer)
Robin Dense (Crader)
Bill Haithcock
Mike Hogan
Ping Hogan
Barbara Loudon (Baker)
Amy Lynn (Paniagua)
Jeannine Mansur (Van Buren)
Mike McGann
Anchi Miller
Robertson Miller
Carrine Nelson
Jeff Nelson
Lori Nelson (Skendrovich)
Jaime Paniagua
Randi Rusk (Haithcock)
Sandy Sharp (McGann)
Brenda Smith (Carrillo)
Debbie Subcasky (Maxwell)
Damon Van Buren
Dana Wandrocke
Zimmy Wandrocke
Scott Wayne (Wayne)
Wenjaing Zeng
Total 19 14