Flight with a Physicist
ImageClassmate Dave Adler has been piloting for many years and will be flying his Cessna 182 to the reunion from San Jose in June. To the highest bidder he is offering to show them Newport, or anywhere in the OC area from the air, or even fly them to Catalina for an island tour if so desired! Type of aircraft: Cessna 182, the small plane with the best safety record in general aviation.​ Flying experience: 29 years flying experience, instrument rated, no accidents, over 1000 flight hours.​ Date and time of flight offer: TBD--could even do more than one.​ Maximum duration of flight: Figure one hour of flying time. The flight from John Wayne Airport to Catalina takes about 15 minutes, but we would fly around the island for a tour. Longer trips could also be arranged. We could fly anywhere in OC that is not prohibited. Directly over Disneyland is off-limits, but most other areas can be negotiated-especially outside of LAX. Limits on passengers and weight: 2, or 3 passengers is fine, plus myself. I've even taken dogs up as well. No real weight limits for a 1-hour flight. If it fits in the door, it will be OK.​ Recommended items to bring along: Camera. If someone is prone to motion sickness, I recommend taking a couple of ginger pills before the flight. (available at whole foods or drug stores OTC).​ Other details: ​ Departure from SNA, (John Wayne Airport), unless the buyer wants to join me flying down from San Jose.
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Auction End Date: June 30 2018, 09:00 pm
Courtesy of: Dave Adler
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